Ribbon of Poppies

Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth would like to invite all those that would like to remember the Fallen, and those that served at Sea, on Land or in the Air, to join in the Ribbon of Poppies living Memorial.


The initial idea was to create a carpet of crimson from Lands End to John O'Groats, in the UK, to remember all those that served. However due to the power of the internet and social media, we have received pledges from across the World.


We would ask those who have made the pledged to also consider sowing purple poppies to remember the animals of war either as a seperate ribbon or preferably blended in with the red ribbon as they served alongside each other.


So wherever you are, whoever you are, however old or young you are, you are most welcome to join the Ribbon, to remember those that served.



How to Join......



1. Make the free pledge



2. Purchase your poppy seeds



3. Plant your seeds



4. Photograph as you plant and as they grow



5. Post on social media and tag @PoppiesUK on Facebook & Twitter or upload to this website here



Please feel free to share and use the Hashtags #RibbonofPoppiesUK2020







This year we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of

VE/VJ Day. If your School intends to make the pledge to the Ribbon of Poppies why not consider establishing a Garden of Remembrance.

Community Groups

If your Community Group intend to make the pledge to the Ribbon of Poppies why not get try to establish a Garden of Remembrance and give your local community a main area that they can plant thier poppy seeds.