It is free to make the pledge to the Ribbon of Poppies then all you need to do is purchase poppy seeds and sow them in your local area.


If you choose to get your poppy seeds from us you will also be supporting our choosen charities and legacy projects. Below are some of the recent causes we have supported.


In 2018 the donations recieved from our poopy seeds enabled us to support the William McFadzean VC Commemoration Society and Poppy Scotland's 1918 Poppy Pledge.


Due to your kind donation we donated £5000 to the William McFadzean VC Commemoration and £1918 to the Poppy Scotland 1918 Poppy Pledge.


We are pleased to annouce that this year we will be supporting a charity that is helping veterans across the United Kingdom. Full details of this charity will be revealed in February 2019.


We are sure that you will agree with us that this charity are a worthy cause and one that we are honoured to be supporting.


Please keep an eye on our social media platforms as we will be releasing further details in the near future.


Remembering and supporting those who served.


Will you make the pledge?

William McFadzean VC Commemoration Society

This society is dedicated in memory of William Frederick McFadzean VC the famous First World War hero born in urgan, County Armagh, who gave his life to save the lives of so many others. More info........

Poppy Scotland 1918 Poppy Pledge

11th November 2018 marked the centenary of the armistice and the end of WW1. In the year leading up to this most poignant of anniversary, invites were given to make the 1918 Poppy Pledge. More info.......