Regional Coordinators

Ribbon of Poppies currently has three Regional Coordinators who are responsible for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


The Regional Coordinators work with our local coordinators, accross the various regions giving help, support and direction if and when required.


The success of the Ribbon of Poppies to date is due to the dedication and commitment shown by our Regional Coordinators and those individuals across the world who have got behind the campaign.


As we enter the third year of the Ribbon of Poppies we have set ourself ambitious targets to reach over 1,200 schools, teachers and parents, community groups and youth organisations.


We will also continue to encourge local, regional and national government to endorse the campaign.


This is a fantastic time to join the team and ultimately support the Ribbon of Poppies in its aims of ensuring our young people have an understanding of the sacrifice made by the British, Commonwealth and Allied forces.


Would you be interested in becoming a Community Volunteer Coordinator with the Ribbon of Poppies? We are currently recruiting Community Volunteers from all over the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


Based in your local community it would be your responsibility to promote the Ribbon of Poppies and establishing relationships with with local individuals, groups and organisations, that you identify, who would be interested in being part of the campaign.


If you would like to get involved with the Ribbon of Poppies please email one of our Regional Coorinators and together we will ensure that those who have served, and are currently serving, are never forgotten.

Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinator

Tommy Davidson

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07725 513074



"I was proud to serve Queen and Country. I believe, it is our duty to educate children and our communities of our Armed Forces heritage, we must always remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, from WW1 to the present day, we must leave a legacy for future generations forevermore."

Lexi Davidson

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07920 746760




Lexi is a founding member of the Ancre Somme Association. For the past 15 years Lexi has volunteered his time to various groups and charities. He is currently involved in the William McFadzean VC Commemoration Society. This society unveiled a bronze bust, in 2018, in memory of VC Winner, William McFadzean.

Tommy Lexi


Would you be interested in joining our team and becoming a coordinator in your local area?


You will have the full support from our Regional Coordinators who will help you grow the campaign at a local level.


If you would like further information please contact us today.