Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Ribbon of Poppies U.K. & Commonwealth Campaign?



A. This campaign is one of the Ancre Somme Association charities legacy projects.



Q. What is the aim of the campaign?



A. The aim of this campaign is to encourage individuals, communities and statutory agencies to sow seeds of Remembrance in memory of those who have served their country.



Q. Is there a cost to pledging your support?



A. No. The only thing we ask is 30 seconds of your time. Once you have pledged your support a poppy will be added to our map.



Q. Where do we get our poppy seed?



A. Poppy seeds are available from our website. If you choose to use our poppy seeds you will be supporting our charities Armed Forces legacy projects. Alternatively you can purchase them from a local business.



Q. Can you supply our school or organisation with a pro-forma invoice?



A. Yes. Simply email [email protected] for more details.



Q. When is the best time to sow the seeds?



A. Between March and May is best time to sow your seeds but please be aware that a cold frost may damage the seeds.



Q. As well as remembering those who served are there any other benefits of sowing poppy Seeds?



A. Yes. Sowing poppy seeds and other wild flowers in hedgerows and verges will reduce the cost of cutting to local councils and also help bring back the multitude of bees, butterflies, birds and bugs that are sadly disappearing from our countryside.



Why not pledge your support today. There is no cost. The cost has already been paid by those brave men and woman who have served their country.