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By Admin, Mar 15 2019 06:48PM

Honorary President Alexander Stewart MSP MBE launches the “Ribbon Of Poppies UK & Commonwealth” at “The Parish Church of St. Cuthberts, Lothian Road, Edinburgh today.

Commonwealth Day, formerly Empire Day, is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations, often held on the second Monday in March. It is marked by an Anglican service in Westminster Abbey, normally attended by Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth along with the Commonwealth Secretary-General and Commonwealth High Commissioners in London.

HM Queen will deliver an address to the Commonwealth, which is broadcasted throughout the world.

The Parish Church of St Cuthberts, Rev Peter Sutton said “Last year’s Poppy Seeds were planted at the Scottish Parliament, this year, we are honoured to “sow the seeds” in Edinburgh Castle Gardens, within the Parish of St Cuthberts, the Poppy is special to us all, we must never forget those who have served and serve our Sovereign and Nation”

“Anyone wishing to sow our Poppy Seeds, can visit our Church and sprinkle them, in our designated area”

ASA Chaplain Stephen Blakey “thank you to the Rev Peter Sutton and his Parish for supporting this years “Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth” campaign, we are “sowing the seeds of remembrance, leaving a legacy, generation to generation”

“We must do more to educate our young people and our communities and bring people together”

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