Remembrance Road

As if you needed a reason to plant poppy seeds Plantlife has recently reported that over 700 species of wild flower grow on the UK’s road verges – nearly 45% of our total flora.  And where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows a multitude of bees, butterflies, birds and bugs.  All enjoyed by 23 million road commuters.


However, our road verges are under considerable pressure. Priorities for safety and access, alongside budget constraints, a desire for ‘neatness’ and difficulties with the collection of litter and grass clippings all mean that enhancing their wildlife value is often low on the list.


So in addition this year we would ask you to consider adopting a local “Remembrance Road” area. Planting out verges and hedgerows with wild flowers, incorporating the poppy, so that people travelling through your area will be reminded daily of the sacrifice made by our Armed Forces.


Permission may need to be obtained to plant in these areas but cutting less, cutting later, will save your local council or highway authority money and help bring back the bees, butterflies, birds and bugs that are sadly disappearing from our countryside it will also enable them to display their support for our Armed Forces.


For generations our brave men and women have served in various wars, battles and conflicts, many making the ultimate sacrifice, to protect our great land. Will you join the Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth 2020 Campaign today and help remember those who served while protecting that land they held so dear.


This year we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of

VE/VJ Day. If your School intends to make the pledge to our Campaign why not consider establishing a Garden of Remembrance.

Community Groups

If your Community Group intend to make the pledge to support our campaign why not get try to adopt a Remembrance Road and give your local community a main area that they can plant thier poppy seeds.